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Searching for a career defining role in property? You’re in the right place!

We are the talent partner of choice for the UK’s fastest-growing employers in property and cover all levels of career across all real estate asset classes. These include PBSA, Student Accommodation/HMO, BTR (Build to Rent), Serviced Office / Workplace Solutions, Real Estate, Property Management, Asset & Facilities Management.
Providing you with an unrivalled choice of career options across the UK as well as an incredible experience is so important to us. We’re proud to say that many of the people we place come from referrals and this is because we go beyond the norm by supporting, coaching and advising jobseekers at all levels.
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02 About us

What we do

In the last ten years, we’ve placed thousands of people within the property sector and understand that everyone is different. Getting to know you and your individual requirements is critical and by getting this right, we’ll ensure we match you to a company, team or manager that will help you to continue to take your career in the right direction.

We only work with reputable employers that value their employees and because we provide our clients with a wider variety of talent solutions than any other recruitment business, we often work with them exclusively. This means that many of the career opportunities listed on this site are not available anywhere else.

If you’re thinking about a move now or later in 2021, we’ll keep you informed by notifying you of the right roles. When your dream job comes up, we’ll be ready to support, coach and mentor you through the process.

Register your CV or give us a call and we’ll get to work straight away!

Whether you are actively looking for a new position, assessing the market in readiness for a move or just require the support of someone who fully understands what you do, we’re here to offer expert careers advice. We are friendly, insightful, never pushy and always positive! 

Words that speak for themselves


Amazing service from this company, Especially Roxy, who has helped me at every step with finding me a new job in management! Super happy with her and the company as a whole.

Best recruitment agency

Really great experience with working with Louise, she is professional, friendly and cares to help you find a new job. If you are looking for a new job in the sectors EMBS work in I would recommend you register your interest with them as they are by far the best recruitment agency I have interacted with.

Smooth Recruitment Process

Great experience with EMBS, with a special thank you to Ian and Louise, who were really on the ball, and made job hunting so much easier. Never had such a smooth recruitment process.


I've had an excellent experience with EMBS. Louise contacted me regarding a vacancy in my field and supported me throughout the process, assisting with hurdles and keeping me updated throughout the process. In the end I gained the position and the care throughout and after starting by Louise has been fantastic. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a position in an area that EMBS specialise in to contact them. Thank You Louise!

Friendly and Supportive

My experience with EMBS talent has been a great one, thanks to Louise. Louise has remained professional, friendly and supportive throughout the whole process. She remained on hand to offer advice and ensured I was kept up to date during the interview process. I would highly recommend. Thank you!


Louise offered an excellent service. Maintaining contact regularly, giving me coaching on my CV, offering insights on prospective employers, checking in after interviews and making sure I was comfortable at all stages of the process.

Professionalism, Responsiveness

I was approached by Louise Young from EMBS Talent for a new job opportunity and the whole process has been nothing but professional and positive. EMBS don't just put you forward for a job they hunt the right candidate for the right job. Louise and Ian and have been so helpful and supportive throughout the whole recruitment process. I would refer and recommend there services without a doubt. Thank you once again my new job is super lush and I am very grateful for your services.

Above and Beyond

EMBS were very thorough and regularly in touch during the length of the recruitment process. If you're lucky enough to get a call from Louise you'll be in with a better chance than most. Highly recommend.

Professionalism, Responsiveness

EMBS were very thorough and regularly in touch during the length of the recruitment process. If you're lucky enough to get a call from Louise you'll be in with a better chance than most. Highly recommend.

Insightful, thorough

Ian was incredibly helpful and responsive, from first contact all the way up to the interview process. I can say with confidence that this is the best experience I have had with a recruitment company. The support and advice I received was second to none. Thank you.


Louise offered an excellent service. Maintaining contact regularly, giving me coaching on my CV, offering insights on prospective employers, checking in after interviews and making sure I was comfortable at all stages of the process.


Very good experience with EMBS. Louise, who helped me secure my current role, was extremely efficient and effective when communicating with me. Highly recommend.

Incredibly Helpful

Louise was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process, from applying for the job till my first day of working. Great service!


A great service offered by Louise at EMBS. Always there to support and informative about roles. Would highly recommend if you are searching for a role or if you require a service to recruit at your workplace.

03 What we do


We work with businesses across a broad range of property management asset classes and support them in recruiting amazing roles in almost every city in the UK. More recently we have extended our reach across Ireland, Spain & Germany.

Our Specialist Consultants cover the following disciplines:

PBSA/ Student Accommodation Management/ HMO
Build to Rent (BTR)
Property Management (Commercial & Residential)
Co-working / Workspace Solutions
Asset Management
Facilities Management

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Now you've found out about us, we'd like to get to know you. If you're ready for take off, register your CV, apply for a job or give us a call.
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05 Employer talent services


Everything changed in 2020 and to reflect this we have developed a new Talent Operating System for a new era. Our TalentOS contains service products to solve every possible talent challenge and offer unrivalled flexibility. Used individually or collectively this holistic approach will revolutionise your ‘in-house’ recruitment endeavours, introduce you to exceptional candidates, identify opportunities for government funding and bridge the gap between recruitment and digital agency. We'll connect you to experts that will get you ready to scale up by working in partnership, allowing us to build the right talent and growth strategy and an employer brand that is so good, you’ll never miss out on the best talent!
  • 01

    Talent Gym

    Our talent and growth partners have built, scaled and sold companies and will deliver incredible results via consulting, coaching or 'Recruitment Fitness' boot camps. Gain access to valuable data and insights. Build your strategy, culture, employer brand and EVP and understand what makes you unique!
  • 02

    Talent Scout

    Building talent pipelines for permanent hires, our team uses established networks, in-house systems, dedicated events, digital & social marketing activities to curate highly effective agile talent pipelines to ensure you have access to a bank of prequalified candidates when you need it the most.
  • 03

    Talent Assist

    With access to the best advertising resources available, our team will build and deploy a multi-channel recruitment campaign for you and give you access to an applicant tracking system so you can interact efficiently with applicants and can keep everything organised.
  • 04

    Talent Intro

    Gain access to our talent networks but run the recruitment process your way. We’ll hook you up with great people and then cheer you on from the sidelines. This simpler, introduction-only approach is designed for in-house recruiters and hiring managers that want maximum control at a minimal cost.
  • 05

    Talent Web

    Blurring the lines between recruitment and digital agency, we'll spin up careers microsites via platforms you can control and create compelling content. We'll create and manage careers focused social media content on your behalf, driving engagement and direct applications.
  • 06

    Talent Flex

    A new approach to contractor recruitment enables you to hire exceptional short term resource on a freelance, contract or interim basis. We’ll take care of everything and give you insights and visibility of every commercial component. Take someone via Talent Intro or use Talent Funding if the role is for new product development.
  • 07

    Talent As A Service

    Suited to organisations that are looking to scale, or with regular ongoing hiring requirements, this service provides you with a highly experienced dedicated talent partner accountable for delivering exceptional talent. This represents incredible value, delivers huge cost benefits and gets results, all for a monthly subscription.
  • 08

    Talent Funding

    We'll plug you into government funding for 'innovation hires'. Our team will handle the grant funding and talent acquisition process leaving you the space to research and build new products. Funding can be used to pay for permanent salaries or specialist contract hires.

06 The pursuit of happiness!

Now for something completely different…

Are you feeling frustrated in your current role in sales or recruitment or looking for your first step into the industry? Do you want to find a more positive and fulfilling career where everyone in your team cares about what they do, works collaboratively and with a common purpose? Perhaps it’s time to talk to us?

Everyone in our team cares, we all see ‘our’ business in the same way. We have a shared collective vision, alongside a set of values we live our lives by, both personally and professionally. As a people business, it’s essential to be authentic, empathetic, caring, open, and positive. This creates a positive culture that gets results and achieves success, for everyone. We’re not fixated on ‘winning’, this would suggest the game has an end. It’s never over, it’s infinite and it’s this mindset that sets us apart from others in the recruitment industry; where they believe that size means more than quality and where high growth is a badge of honour, that satisfies the shareholders but rarely the employees who are often treated as commodities.

There is no doubt that the recruitment industry is broken in so many ways but our clear vision of the future enables us to solve talent problems and we can’t wait to shake things up in 2021. If you dare to be different, join us in the pursuit of happiness.