Why Choose EMBS Property


The candidate experience is everything! 

Having been a niche recruitment business for sixteen years, we know that candidates become hiring managers and share their experiences! This is why we have invested in systems, training and the right people to offer candidates, both passive and active, an exceptional service, not because we have to but because we positively enjoy it! It’s really no hardship engaging with talented professionals that are genuinely keen to secure their next career opportunity.


We offer great choice. We focus on working with reputable employers and we won’t just work with anyone. We ensure our clients represent the very best employers in the market and have the best employee value propositions, career trajectories and technologies. Our people really know their stuff! This allows us to get straight in to the real detail of the role not just the superficial bits! It also enables us to fully understand your requirements which ensures we’re talking to you about the right opportunity. In short, we listen more than we talk, a pretty unusual thing in the recruitment industry!


We don’t target our team on quantity, we take our time to engage with the right people, at the right time. We’ll become your eyes and ears on the market, keep you informed of the right roles, even if you’re not ‘actively’ looking for a move, and when you are we’ll support, coach and mentor you through the process.  


Most importantly though we love what we do and when you enjoy something it’s normally because you’re really good at it, right?

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